Graduate Course in Statistical Computing, Spring/Fall 2005

Course number: 1937

Part I: Computational Tools

(2 credits) This part will cover linear algebra for statisticians (numerical properties of matrices, QR- and singular value decomposition, linear equation systems, linear least squares, principal components) and numerical optimization (optimization with and without derivatives, solving non-linear equations, non-linear least squares, iterative solution of linear equations).

The first lecture will take place on May 2nd,14:00, in Room North-2 at the Department of Medical Epidemiology and Biostatistics on the KI North campus (MEB). The course will continue for six weeks and end on June 13th.

Lecture May 2, 2005: Organization Presentation Assignments R Examples

Lecture May 9, 2005: Presentation Assignments Data 2.4 Data 2.5 R Examples Handins (.zip)

Lecture May 16, 2005: Presentation Assignments Data 3.4 Image 3.5 Handins (.zip)

Lecture May 23, 2005: Presentation Assignments Data 4.2 Handins (.zip)

Lecture May 30, 2005: Presentation Assignments Data 5.1 Data 5.2 Data 5.3 Data 5.4 Handins (.zip)

Lecture June 13, 2005: Handins (.zip)